When you and your partner make the huge decision of “let’s have a baby” your life starts to change straight away.

You start to create your nest, prepare for what’s ahead and do lots of research on what is the best approach. And of course, you start to get excited about your bundle of Joy and the possibilities of parenthood.

There are practical steps to take such as stopping birth control and preparing your body for the journey ahead. So you are both exercising, eating healthily and super excited to jump into bed and make a baby.

But then something upsetting happens……

You start your period.

And then month after month the cycle continues. It is heart breaking and soul destroying. Every month you expect good news your whole being is hoping to see the blue line, confirming your dream has come true.

But it doesn’t appear and it is starting to feel it will never happen.

Doubt, stress and worry sets in and you start believing something is wrong with you. You feel like a failure. Or maybe you blame your partner. Why is it so easy for some couples and not for you?

You are not alone. There is always hope. You just need to start looking at a different approach.

I help Mamas-in-waiting get pregnant naturally. I work with you and your spirit baby to create a sacred safe space to open your heart and womb. Together, we bring forth the miracle of conception, so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the conscious Mama you’re destined to be.

Who is Yes You can Conceive Program for:

Mamas-in-waiting like you who:Have tried everything else including IVF treatments but nothing has worked so you are feeling useless, heartbroken, incomplete and left wondering if there’s something wrong with you.

Have a deep desire to create and welcome your baby, for you, your family and for the future of the world but you’re feeling anxious, not believing it can really happen and you feel time is running out.

Have a deep desire to do what it takes to become a conscious mama but you do not know how to make this happen because you believe it is your body that is letting you down.

Who it is not for!!

This program is best suited to mamas-in-waiting who have started their spiritual journey, are open-minded and willing to apply natural and simple techniques, so we do not recommend it for anyone who fully believes the only way is by IVF or other physical medical intervention.

Also if you are not willing to change you and your environment to welcome in this experience of a Mama-To-Be.

What we will create together:

Together we will discover your true nature of self-love and align with your soul baby.  You’ll start a new fun-loving relationship with your womb and your Procreation Virtues to ensure a safe and fertile upbringing for your baby.

You’ll start putting YOU first by setting boundaries, forgiving yourself and others, and giving yourself permission to bond with your beautiful soul baby even before you conceive.

Our intention is for you to feel empowered as a Mama-in-waiting giving you the time to create the sacred safe space to welcome in the babies who are impatiently waiting to reincarnate through you.

But our deepest wish is for you to conceive naturally so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the conscious Mama you’re destined to be.

Our Journey Together Includes:

Identifying your gifts, talents and challenges, so you can not only understand the gifts you are passing onto your babies, but also achieve your goals in life. 

Releasing old patterns and blockages that may be stopping you from getting pregnant, so you can clear all dimensions of yourself, to prepare your body to conceive. This will also clear any negatives that may be passed on to your babies.

Create a loving, sacred safe environment to attract your babies. 

Learning the tools to help you ground your authentic self and your baby into this planet. Clear, cleanse, protect and honour your energy and whole environment to stay expanded to attract the baby or babies who are wanting to call you Mama.

Accept and believe this is the most important creative time of your life. Find your destiny to becoming a Conscious Mama.

How will this work?

It’s a 6 week one to one mentoring program with weekly Zoom sessions, soul blueprint awakening and email support throughout.  All sessions will be recorded and sent to you for your perusal.

You’ll receive:

  • Weekly video calls delivered live on Zoom
  • Soul Blueprint cleansed and upgraded
  • Weekly exercises, journalling prompts and tip sheets
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • Tools to use in your daily life to create the sacred safe environment your baby is wanting to be born into and continue on your journey of self-love, ground you into the physical plane, protect your high vibration during times of chaos which will enable you to be your authentic self.


The Yes You Can Conceive investment is £1,111 and includes;

  • 6 X 90 min Zoom Consultations Recorded for your perusal (£1,200)
  • Soul Blueprint Awakening (Value £222 for 90 minutes)
  • Womb Attunement (Value £179)
  • Womb Blessing (Value £179)
  • Energy Management (Vaue £179)
  • Inspiration, confirmation and messages from the Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters (Value £179)
  • Energy Healing & Activations (£179 each)
  • Returning to nature and being fully supported and nurtured

You will be on your unique conception journey. There is no template. You get to create your baby and bring the abundant qualities you want for you and your family. I welcome all Mamas-in-waiting who are longing to co-create the future generation!

What are you waiting for? Spring into action now and start co-creating your baby!!  

“With your pure intention you create your sacred safe space to attract, grow and birth the high vibe babe who is waiting to reincarnate through you”

Soul Baby Whisperer, Lorraine Drohan

Welcome Mamas-In-Waiting

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