The Fertility Hub Online Retreat

I am super excited to let you all know I have recently spent miraculous time with 20+ Experts creating The Fertility Hub Online Retreat.

Natural conception is easier than any intervention method. It works much better with the right information at the right time. It is never too late, once you still hold the desire within, to have a baby. Getting connected to the right people, who believe in you, who FEELS how you feel, whose life mission is to serve you.

You get to choose your natural conception when you get to learn the secret ingredient that Source has equipped you with. Do not believe in everything you have heard, or has been handed down through traditions, conjecture, authorities or teachers. Trust in your Desire to be the Mama you’re destined to be.  You get to create a deeper and richer experience to conceive.  Believe you get to create your reality and therefore you get to change it too. 

If your belief comes from outside of you, the fact you receive it from someone else, you get to question that.  Instead you get to KNOW, you get to change your belief to a KNOWING, you get to feel your desire through the birthing of connection and the birthing of the New World. 

The Chinese Philosopher, Confucius said “Great things have no Fear of time”. 

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