After my session with Lorraine I was able to receive clarity and a deep sense of reassurance. Also there was a visible shift of perspective on the issues that were cleared. Also it was exciting to see the synchronicity and validation that appeared not only during the session but what unfolded in days after.  Thank you Lorraine I love your energy and connection. Paula .”

Dear Lorraine,
Thank you so much ….I am in deep gratitude to you and the angels…. that I listened to the call to press the link for a reading….. I am still taking it in and still feeling the amazing energy especially the calming and very special healing transmission at the end of the call. Wow so intense….yet at the same time so gentle.
You reflected exactly what was required to shift me out of the circle I was in, I needed to hear it….and it all resonated releasing a deeper level of understanding ….all because of your direct energy spoken from a place of deep love. I have much to contemplate……I felt such an emotional connection to source during our call…..so I knew it to be the truth.
I love your infectious energy, luminous light and your ability to connect with me in such a short space of time….you are a beautiful soul with a very special gift to give to the world.

Please if you are reading this and feel a pull to book a session with Lorraine….honour yourself and go for it….it’s revealing, inspirational and enlightening .
With love Andree

I had a really enlightening session with Lorraine recently which has resulted in physical and emotional relief and healing. Lorraine has an incredible relationship with the Angelic realm so she has Divine guidance throughout our sessions. This is so reassuring and confirms that what is being discussed is correct and any changes to be made are appropriate. With Archangel Raphael she was guided to select 4 cards that were spot on for the changes I need to make in order to assist myself with my healing process. She was also divinely guided on what my issues and blocks were, so she could help me to see where I need to work on myself what I need to do (or not do) in order for changes to happen.
Thank you, Lorraine and Angels, for the wonderful, loving support and for showing me the way back to a healthier, happier me! 🙏😇

It was an intuition. A quick decision to make an appointment with Lorraine. No expectations. And on first second I felt her kind, positive energy. Like we knew each other from a long time ago. I never experienced the Soul Blueprint Reading before. It was interesting, amazingly correct, something new. And Lorraine told me exactly what I needed. She blown away my doubts for some personal questions. She encouraged me to take action. Something happened inside me. A sort of release… I really suggest to everyone to make an appointment with Lorraine. She is really good!

Tatjana from Slovenia.

Dear Lorraine, I cannot thank you enough for the most beautiful angel reading I have ever had.  I cannot put my finger on exactly what made it so different from others that I have had, but I do believe it was the very personal aspect that you brought to it.  The way you added so much information to the cards that you drew, that was so unique to me and my present circumstances made it incredibly meaningful.  I loved how you were channeling information from my guides and yours during the reading so that what came through was very clearly for me alone.  You have such a beautiful, calm energy, and I felt like you stretched time so that there was no rushing and no speed talking in order to get everything in. It was indeed a full and complete session, and it was so timely, as I was able to use the guidance you gave me for something important that very day.  Many, many thanks!  It was a blessing talking with you.  Lots of love, Jennie

During the session Lorraine made me very comfortable and was gentle with assessing my needs I felt present and safe as we created a calm secure space. When we conducted the cutting cords ceremony, I felt safe at all times and it was a wonderful experience which caused beautiful emotional responses. After the session I continued to feel safe and connected, my dreams that evening were different in that people in my life were offering me beautiful caring gifts.  My meditations are now visual and amazing which allow for release of emotions and leave me with a complete love feeling. I am loving my journey and I feel clarity and focus returning to me, when I conduct my day I am completely present to my connection with whoever I meet

Best wishes Bryn

Latest comments!

Kelly Quinn written Thur April 2020.

Before I had a soul blueprint reading with Lorraine I had been disconnected from my soul purpose for a long time and I had begun questioning if ‘any of it’ was even real. I’d be feeling that old sense of depression (not real I know!) and abandonment creeping in and the crystal clear downloads were clouding along with my gifts.

SO! ❤ Since having the reading with Lorraine two weeks ago I have been lit up with excitement, gratitude and grace for what’s next! The practicality of the soul blueprint reading enabled me to see what behaviours and choices I needed to be aware of to best support my ascension next! Woohoo! And what was even way more was Lorraine gave me TWO INSTRUCTIONS “Kelly there is an easier way” and “You have a way with words.”

I’ve literally been spellbound with clarity and clear direction since our session! BOOK THE READING now and get the clarity and certainty you need to move forward! It’s your time!

It’s hard to find the right words to do Lorraine justice. She is an incredibly generous coach, both with her time and gifts.  She skilfully weaves her intuition and psychic gifts alongside angel card readings, into her coaching.  This helps you navigate whatever issue you’re facing with reassuring confirmations that you’re taking the right approach for you and heading in the right direction.  Her infectious enthusiasm makes her a joy to work with and it is clear she is a compassionate soul who loves helping others. If you’re ready to do some deep work on yourself you will be in very safe hands with Lorraine.   Jane

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