Soul Blueprint Awakening

Our Soul Blueprint is our Guiding Path!

Our Soul is infinite. From the beginning of this reincarnation your Soul chose everything for you. Your name, your parents, your siblings, your talents, your life goals this time around and the life lessons you are here to transmute to a positive perspective.

I am a Certified Oracle of the Soul Blueprint System. This numerology system is a direct message and road map from your Soul. It tells you the Divine Gifts and Talents you have had since the moment you were born. It gives you the Goals your Soul has come here to achieve and your Soul Destiny, the Creation Codes you are here to focus on and fully embody. It can lead you to your full potential as a multidimensional Being.

What You receive from a Soul Blueprint Awakening:

Confirmation and a clear insight of your Divine Talents, Goals & Lessons as well as your Soul Destiny. When I received my Soul Blueprint I forgave myself on so many levels. I instantly felt the relief of responsibility lift from my shoulders.

An overview of your characteristics and personalities, your Soul chose for you to work on as well as embodying your talents and achieving your Goals. We are all on our individual journey and I believe we get to receive all the help whether from a physical perspective or a spiritual one.

Receive clarity and the next steps your Soul is wanting you to complete. Learn more about who you truly are on a multidimensional aspect.

Your Awakening Session lasts 90 minutes, your investment is Normally £222, SPECIAL OFFER FOR MARCH 2022 £111.

See what some of my client’s have said about their Soul Blueprint Awakening!!

Kelly Quinn written Thur April 2020.

Before I had a soul blueprint reading with Lorraine I had been disconnected from my soul purpose for a long time and I had begun questioning if ‘any of it’ was even real. I’d be feeling that old sense of depression (not real I know!) and abandonment creeping in and the crystal clear downloads were clouding along with my gifts.

SO! ❤ Since having the reading with Lorraine two weeks ago I have been lit up with excitement, gratitude and grace for what’s next! The practicality of the soul blueprint reading enabled me to see what behaviours and choices I needed to be aware of to best support my ascension next! Woohoo! And what was even way more was Lorraine gave me TWO INSTRUCTIONS “Kelly there is an easier way” and “You have a way with words.”

I’ve literally been spellbound with clarity and clear direction since our session! BOOK THE READING now and get the clarity and certainty you need to move forward! It’s your time!

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