We are made up of Light and frequency.  The frequency or vibration is affected by all the other subtle bodies.  All is connected coming from One Source.  As everything is energy, everything has a vibration. Science has proved everything has a vibration.  Science has proved we all come from one source.  That source has aContinue reading “YOUR NAME IS NO COINCIDENCE”

Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby

We can take for granted what we have and this is especially true for our homes. We are not inclined to acknowledge that our home reflects who we are and how we are feeling at any moment. Here are some actions you can take to clear and enhance your home environment, making it more welcomingContinue reading “Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby”

Yes, You can conceive!!

Us women do not realise how powerful we are. We have a Goddess within each one of us. Life happens and we become too involved in doing, taking unaligned actions and end up frustrated, feeling a failure and filled with creative insecurity. Any of this sound familiar? It is very easy to believe the physicalContinue reading “Yes, You can conceive!!”

Covid 19 & Getting Ready to Conceive

Many people are saying, jokingly, there will be so many Covid 19 babies, and for some there will be. For others who are relying on Fertility Treatments, they are going through the torture of being put on pause. Most Fertility Clinics are closed. It is certainly the case here in the UK. I am hereContinue reading “Covid 19 & Getting Ready to Conceive”

A Baby’s Message Before Reincarnating

Dear God, I am letting you know I am choosing to return to Earth and I imagine you stay close by my side every moment of every day. This is my prayer. I know you love me and so do my angels. I have faith in your miracles. I have faith in my chosen family.Continue reading “A Baby’s Message Before Reincarnating”

Welcome To Soul Baby Whisperer Blog

Welcome, I am very happy you are here. My aim is to give you useful information about many cellular level aspects to help you create a sacred safe space to welcome in your Soul baby. I want to start with your home space. Ask Yourself these questions? How do I FEEL about my home space?Continue reading “Welcome To Soul Baby Whisperer Blog”