The Fertility Hub Online Retreat Goes Live Tomorrow Sunday 6/9/2020

Hi Mamas-in-waiting, Papas-in-waiting, Parents-in-waiting, I have loved putting together The Fertility Hub Online Retreat. I want all participants to know I see you, I hear you, I feel you.

We, the Speakers and I are so excited to get to have a Bonus Connection with you all, tomorrow Sunday, 9am Central, 7am Pacific, 3pm BST for our FB Live Q&A. If you have not already joined our FB Group here is the link: and when you get there please share your experience of The Fertility Hub Online Retreat, any questions and AHA moments you received during this Event.

Please share with your loved ones, family and friends who may benefit from our Live Q&A Session tomorrow Sunday.

It is also the last few hours before you can get Lifetime Access for $97, (£73).

I have put together a very special Package The Fertility Hub Package which includes my Energise Your Mama-in-waiting 6 week Program, normal investment $1,475. (£1,111) plus a 1:1 Mentoring Call for 90 minutes with me, Lorraine The Soul Baby Whisperer, normal investment $664, (£500) along with many extras at a very special investment to you of U$700, (£527). Do not miss out on these deals. They are a once off. Only available through The Fertility Hub Online Retreat.

Have a miraculous day and see you all Live tomorrow.

Angel Blessings

Lorraine, The Soul Baby Whisperer.

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As a Mama-in-waiting, Papa-in-waiting, Parent-in-waiting it is easy to feel upset, frustrated, alone and as if your body is letting you down, because of your past experiences.

You get to choose your natural conception when you get to learn the secret ingredient that Source has equipped you with. Do not believe in everything you have heard, or has been handed down through traditions, conjecture, authorities or teachers. Trust in your Desire to be the Mama you’re destined to be.  You get to create a deeper and richer experience to conceive.  Believe you get to create your reality and therefore you get to change it too

Affirmations and Self-Love are two powerful techniques to help you become the Mama, Papa, Parent you’re destined to be. These PDF Tip Sheets were specially created for The Fertility Hub Online Retreat attendants. I am excited to hear your feedback on how you found these simple yet challenging exercises.

Which ones were easy for you and why? Journal your answers.

Which one was the hardest and why? Journal your answers.

How did you find the affirmations? Were they just rhyming them off initially? Take note of how you feel every time you say your affirmations.

What changed in you as you started to feel into the words? Journal your answers.

The Fertility Hub Online Retreat

This Event takes place the first weekend in September 2020, the new Autumn Season, the time for learning and absorbing new inspirations and ideas.

You get to choose your natural conception when you get to learn the secret ingredient that Source has equipped you with. Do not believe in everything you have heard, or has been handed down through traditions, conjecture, authorities or teachers. Trust in your Desire to be the Mama you’re destined to be. You get to create a deeper and richer experience to conceive. Believe you get to create your reality and therefore you get to change it too.

Natural conception is easier than any intervention method. It works much better with the right information at the right time. It is never too late, once you still hold the desire within, to have a baby. Getting connected to the right people, who believe in you, who FEELS how you feel, whose life mission is to serve you.

Lockdown Bundles of Joy


Great excitement for Chrissy Teigan and John Legend as they announce they are expecting their 3rd baby.

“John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Was a ‘Quarantine Surprise’: ‘We’re Very Excited’ according to The People newspaper. I believe this will be the case for a few more couples. Having the time to connect on a deeper level. Slowing down and getting out of the rat race. Spending quality time together and allowing the intimacy that normally would be missing out of your relationship. This is one of the key ingredients required to attract your Soul Baby.

What a lovely photo. No wonder she is so happy. As many of you know she originally had difficulty getting pregnant with her first two Soul Babies. Now, baby number 3 is a “Quarantine Surprise!” Miracles do happen.

A Conception Miracle can happen for you too. Have you heard about The Fertility Hub Online Retreat? I have gathered with 20+ Experts who are willing to share their time and expertise with you. There are many topics discussed, health, diet, The upcoming Fertility Show in London, how your voice is connection, intimacy connection with your partner and so much more. The message running through each interview is the deep connection, a new way of BEing to create the change for our New World.

Book your place here:

I look forward to meeting you in this safe, sacred space. Come with an open mind and heart. Receive the wisdom you need at this miraculous time to be a Mama-in-waiting.

Angel Blessings

The Conscious Baby Ezine

I have just come across this amazing on-line magazine which I felt drawn to share with you. I have added a new menu on our Home Page Useful Links where you will find the link too.

There is so much information on this site about being a Conscious Parent. Here is the link to the magazine. ‘

Having access to a lot of information may get overwhelming at times. Ensure you are trusting your “gut” instinct to know this is exactly what you need to be focused on right now. You are choosing to do what you are doing at any moment. You stay focused to complete before moving on to something else.

We often get into the space of doing and at the same time we are thinking about what is the next thing I “need” to do. We do not give all of our senses to the moment. I find when I am researching and gathering information I want to know it yesterday. I have to remind myself, this is exactly what I am choosing to do right now and I am Enough. By choosing and feeling fully aligned with my choice it allows me to live in the moment. It allows me to feel Joy. It allows me to feel Peace. It gets me to express my Happy Self. Our aim in life is to express our Happy Self every moment of every day. Why? Because Life is NOW!!

So, take the time and acknowledge you to be fully present as you absorb and enjoy all the wonderful information from The Conscious Baby Ezine.

Angel Blessings


Everyone talks about Energy. What does this mean? Why is this subject so important as we live here in the physical world?

EVERYTHING is Energy. All energy radiates out a vibration and frequency. Therefore we are affected by EVERYTHING. Everything that is physical, a table, your computer has a vibration that is connected to your vibration. Things like a table has a “denser” vibration which makes it very solid. How that table was made, what work has been created on the table, what meal has been eaten around that table, all of these vibrations are radiating out and having an impact on your energy field.

Please do not get hung up on this. This is how the world has worked since the beginning of time. How do you see your Sensitivity? Do you see it as a Gift or a curse? It is indeed, your greatest Divine Gift.

We are all responsible for our own Energy! By taking responsibility we will be empowered and allow our Sensitivities, Physchic Abilities and our “Gut” feeling to align us with our Soul Destiny. Unless we take responsibility to manage our energy we will be constantly in an emotional state of some kind or another. We will be too much in our heads, allowing oneself to overthink things and this will show up as a dis-ease within the physical body. You will not be able to master your emotions, see things from a place of neutrality, overcome polarities and limiting beliefs, without becoming a Master of your Energy.

You need to come from your Goddess Power, claiming sovereignity over your energy in order to be free. You are the master of your own energy. Whatever you are vibrating from you is creating your reality. Your vibration never lies.

Symptoms of Energy Imbalance

  • Anxiety, Depression, BiPolar, Stress, Mood Swings
  • Shifts in your Energy, feeling full of energy one moment and the next exhausted, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder and more!
  • Brain “Overload”, dizzy, headaches, nausea
  • Doing things you would not normally do. Not “feeling” yourself.
  • Physical aches and pains
  • Skin conditions (itchy, red, flaky, sore)
  • Ringing or buzzing in your ears. Hearing different tones.
  • Changes in sleep routine
  • Instability with weight and eating disorders
  • Acid reflux, indigestion
  • Sensitive to chemicals, sugar, processed foods
  • Too much energy in your feet and hands (hot one moment, next cold)

How many of these resonate with you? I welcome your comments.

The key areas of Energy Management are:

  • Getting to know your Energy System
  • Energy Protection
  • Grounding and Mindfulness
  • Clearing, Cleansing and raising the Energy
  • Healing Energy, Main Chakra System, Cutting Cords, Aura Management
  • How to Open and Close safely psychically

This is only the start of this subject. I believe Energy Management should be taught in schools. Energy Health is as important as Physical Health. As Empaths, it is important that we learn the tools to help us live and partake of the wonderful physical world. We chose to either shut ourselves away or become fully empowered and live an amazing life, changing the world as we do so.

Please let me know if this has been helpful to you. How has it made you feel? Is it getting you think about yourself in a different way? Knowledge is power. I hope this empowers you to become more aware of your Energy.

Angel Blessings

Lorraine, Soul Baby Whisperer, Intuitive Fertility Coach


This weekend is a Full Moon in Capricorn and Full Sun in the Solstice. Capricorn is all about being a Leader in the old paradigm, do it my way only, very masculine vibration. What is needed now is a new paradigm of powerful, healthy, connection Leadership. I know we are all feeling this as Empaths.

Do not be surprised if you have created around you situations that are bringing up for you anger, frustration, heartache, shame, humiliation and more. You are not alone. All these shadows, these emotions are coming up to be cleared from your space and reality. Ensure they do not return by surrendering to them and allowing Love, Peace and Joy in.

At the moment, I am letting go of self-righteousness. This has been showing up from me in my family as well as in some communities I have been hanging onto. It is time now to move on and see the lesson I need to learn. Letting go without judgement, nor trying to make excuses why I need to let go for now these people, is the lesson I am accepting and creating. I surrender to love and allow them slip out of my life as I go forward to create my future of Love, Joy and Peace.

I have let go of the stories I created in my head making me out to be in the right and they are “wrong” in their beliefs, thinking and philosophy. I feel with compassion and love, they are exactly where they need to be for them and I surrender to allowing them to be where they are on their journey. I listen with an open heart and mind. I allow them to speak and take the actions they need to take for themselves right now without judgement. No fear, longing, frustration or anger or any other emotion is felt within me. I am at peace with them and myself. I am neutral. This has allowed me to radiate out Love.

The people I have found the hardest to let go of is of course, family. For the first time I have let them know how I felt. I came from my heart and I was vulnerable. I told them these are the emotions I am feeling and you are my teacher helping me to let them go. I took the responsibility for it was me who chose to feel these emotions. Emotions are optional. My righteousness, me wanting to see only my side of the situation and only “my way” has split the family. This has been a huge shift for me. Even as I write this to you I am feeling inner peace and love. A warmth of healing fills my whole being. Our family is still broken. Now, I visualise us all sitting around a table filled with nourishment, laughter and love. I have opened the space to allow this miracle in. I have taken all the steps for now that I can take. Now it is time to forgive and love myself. I will listen to my intuition if any further steps need to be taken. I Trust. Believe and have Faith.

I tell you this to help you see what it means to take responsibility, be honest with yourself, let go of self-righteousness and give the Divine the time to create miracles. Often we feel only our emotions and do not allow others to be who they need to be at that time. Emotions get in the way. No matter what the circumstance is, going in without expecting an outcome, or wanting the other person to change, is you coming from a neutral place. This allows you to see the bigger picture and take loving action rather than a reaction.

What has been occurring in your life? Can you acknowledge your emotions, put them to the side and allow yourself the time to see the other point of view. Accept responsibility, take any necessary loving action, then forgive and love yourself to radiate this love out to co-create miracles. This is a process. This is all about the masculine and feminine vibrations coming into balance. This is why this weekend is important that we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and powerful. We embrace the new paradigm of collaboration rather than self-righteousness.

I would love to hear back from you if this has resonated or not. Have a wonderful Full Moon. Do a Full Moon Ceremony to celebrate the balance of the new way of Being. Journal under the full moon. Light a candle and give gratitude for your new awakening. Meditate your new Vision out to the moon, planting the seeds of miracles not only for yourself but for the world. I will be joining you all and I FEEL together, we are powerful, joyful and filled with collaboration and love.

If anyone knows a Mama-in-waiting, please reach out to her and give her my details to connect with me. Here is a link for them to BOOK YOUR VISION CALL Please share to help her to create a Vision call that could change her life and that of her family. Thank you.

Angel Blessings and Happy Full Moon



We are made up of Light and frequency.  The frequency or vibration is affected by all the other subtle bodies.  All is connected coming from One Source.  As everything is energy, everything has a vibration. Science has proved everything has a vibration.  Science has proved we all come from one source.  That source has a life of its own for each individual, animal, plant and object. 

Everything grows from heat and water.  There are many symbols which represent the four elements, earth, air, fire and water which are essential to life.  The Star of David is represented with two triangles, one pointing down and the other up.  This is the symbol of The Soul Blueprint Hebrew Esoteric System and the two triangles represent fire and water.  The symbol, in general, represents the merging of Father Heaven, Mother Heaven, and, the elements of fire and water, respectively.

There is another creation theory using Light and Sound. In the beginning God said “Let there be Light” and there was light. In the beginning there was the Word. Both theories are relevant. Sound is the Force of creation, just like each woman is the Life-Force of mankind. The frequency of sound waves, for example, every time our name is spoken or written or even in a thought, is creating your reality.

Your name is not a coincidence nor an accident. This was Divinely channeled to your parents from your soul. It was your soul who chose your parents. The sound of your name, the frequency created by each letter sound, is creating your reality. How you identify yourself can be represented through numbers.

Pythagoras, the great Greek Mathematician and philosopher said “Numbers are the language of the Universe”. The Soul Blueprint Hebrew System uses the letters in your name to create your Soul Blueprint. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet which have a frequency and each are assigned a specific number.

Did you realise how important your name is? How does this theory impact you on chosing your baby’s name?

I would love to hear back from you if this resonates with you or not. Please leave your comments. It took me a while to fully accept this concept. Be open and listen to your soul to receive your philosophy.

Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby

We can take for granted what we have and this is especially true for our homes. We are not inclined to acknowledge that our home reflects who we are and how we are feeling at any moment.

Here are some actions you can take to clear and enhance your home environment, making it more welcoming for your Soul Baby.

Choose a drawer every day to declutter. Holding on to objects that are not being used are not loved and therefore it is “stuck” energy. Have three black bags, one for things to give to Charity, one for rubbish and the third for the things you want to give to family or friends.

Clean and dust in high corners of your home. One to pay particular attention to is when you come in your front door, the corner to the right, ensure this is free from dust and cobwebs. If possible place an Angel picture or statue to protect everyone in the home and to create a veil of protection as your Angel stands watch over who wants to enter your space and home.

Diffuse your favourite Essential Oils around the home. Ensure they are pure and good quality oils. Cheaper Essential Oils are full of fillers and chemicals. I use doTERRA Essential Oils for everything, as my medicine cabinet, for my cleaning products, as well as diffusing. I also use them for my personal hygiene, face cleanser and moisturiser, tooth paste and so on.

Chemicals are low vibration. Checking your cleaning products, what you put on your body and skin, your toothpaste and see what they are made up of. I will post be creating another blog on this subject soon. For now simply start to become aware of what you are using on yourself and spraying into the air around your home.

Cleanse your space to raise the vibration whenever you feel called to. Use your intuition. It is very easy to raise the vibration and here are some simple steps you can use:

When you are dusting and cleaning visualise a Fairy following beside you and she is sprinkling Fairy Dust making your surfaces sparkle and shine. Working with the space in this way really works and your family and friends will suddenly be asking you “What is different here?”

A simple trick too is to clap your hands, going around in circles, clap into corners and around objects to shift the energy. It is quick and very affective.

Play loud and upbeat music. Ensure the lyrics are happy ones. Dance to your favourite music waving your arms around to clear your own energy field as well as the space you are dancing in.

I would love to know when you try these simple techniques how they work for you. Please leave your comments. Enjoy housework now and do it with a big smile on your face. Giving gratitude for everything you have while you dust and clean will automatically make you feel better, raising your vibration which will radiate out to your safe happy space.  

Yes, You can conceive!!

Us women do not realise how powerful we are. We have a Goddess within each one of us. Life happens and we become too involved in doing, taking unaligned actions and end up frustrated, feeling a failure and filled with creative insecurity.

Any of this sound familiar? It is very easy to believe the physical world is all that exists for us. This is how it is right now so suck it up and get on with it as best you can. WRONG!!

You can create it all, the babies you are longing for, the wealth, the balanced and abundant life. There are a few simple techniques and tools to help you along the way. Your Divine Imagination, your thoughts, and some call it your mindset, is the foundation key, add in your grounding physical actions, which often equates you coming out of your comfort zone, learning the lessons, with a dollop of Divine timing creates the initiations to the next level of your evolution.

Within each step there are stepping stones to get you to a plateaux to ensure you are ready for the next full initiation. On this journey we are not meant to do it alone. We get to attract wonderful coaches and helpers. Surrounding yourself with the right vibrations will help you to take the road of least resistance.

I would love you to let me know if this has helped you to understand the way life works. Having the structures in place, no matter what it is you are doing, is critical. If you are running a business you need client information data structure, financial structures, email list builder funnel and so on. The same for every aspect of life. You need to find your own structures to how this world works and how you can make it work to your advantage.

Please leave your comments. Let me know if you have any questions. I will endeavour to answer them.

Angel Blessings

Lorraine, Soul Baby Whisperer, Intuitive Fertility Coach

I help Mamas-in-waiting get pregnant naturally.

Mama-to-be Goddess