The Fertility Hub Online Retreat Goes Live Tomorrow Sunday 6/9/2020

Hi Mamas-in-waiting, Papas-in-waiting, Parents-in-waiting, I have loved putting together The Fertility Hub Online Retreat. I want all participants to know I see you, I hear you, I feel you. We, the Speakers and I are so excited to get to have a Bonus Connection with you all, tomorrow Sunday, 9am Central, 7am Pacific, 3pm BSTContinue reading “The Fertility Hub Online Retreat Goes Live Tomorrow Sunday 6/9/2020”

Grab Your FREE Gift Here!

Thank you for attending The Fertility Hub Online Retreat. Upload Your Free Gifts Here: As a Mama-in-waiting, Papa-in-waiting, Parent-in-waiting it is easy to feel upset, frustrated, alone and as if your body is letting you down, because of your past experiences. You get to choose your natural conception when you get to learn the secretContinue reading “Grab Your FREE Gift Here!”

The Fertility Hub Online Retreat

This Event takes place the first weekend in September 2020, the new Autumn Season, the time for learning and absorbing new inspirations and ideas. You get to choose your natural conception when you get to learn the secret ingredient that Source has equipped you with. Do not believe in everything you have heard, or hasContinue reading “The Fertility Hub Online Retreat”

Lockdown Bundles of Joy

*Image* Great excitement for Chrissy Teigan and John Legend as they announce they are expecting their 3rd baby. “John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Was a ‘Quarantine Surprise’: ‘We’re Very Excited’ according to The People newspaper. I believe this will be the case for a few more couples. Having the time to connect on aContinue reading “Lockdown Bundles of Joy”


We are made up of Light and frequency.  The frequency or vibration is affected by all the other subtle bodies.  All is connected coming from One Source.  As everything is energy, everything has a vibration. Science has proved everything has a vibration.  Science has proved we all come from one source.  That source has aContinue reading “YOUR NAME IS NO COINCIDENCE”

Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby

We can take for granted what we have and this is especially true for our homes. We are not inclined to acknowledge that our home reflects who we are and how we are feeling at any moment. Here are some actions you can take to clear and enhance your home environment, making it more welcomingContinue reading “Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby”

Yes, You can conceive!!

Us women do not realise how powerful we are. We have a Goddess within each one of us. Life happens and we become too involved in doing, taking unaligned actions and end up frustrated, feeling a failure and filled with creative insecurity. Any of this sound familiar? It is very easy to believe the physicalContinue reading “Yes, You can conceive!!”