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Today, I reflect back on my life and feel deep gratitude for EVERYTHING I have experienced. It has made me the strong pro-creator Mama of 4 High Vibrational Souls who are changing the world just by them being who they are. To be at the magical age of 60 years young and to have my two teens still living with me, is truly the icing on my cake. They inspire and help me every day (especially with technology which is a challenge for me as I learn to embrace it with love) in so many ways.

I love to go out for walks in nature with our two border collies who are 14 years old. They are still sprightly and love to chase and retrieve a ball. Mother Earth and Mother Nature is my lifestyle. I live by Essential Oils, Herbs, Crystals, nature’s cycles including the feminine menstrual cycle. I do not have any chemical cleaners in our home, we clean with doTERRA Essential Oils, Organic Castile Liquid Soap and filtered water/vinegar. None of these products are harmful to Mother Earth. I believe we all need to return to Nature and see and accept all the support these two mothers give us. Giving thanks and helping them both will enable us to live in a healthy, harmonious and clean planet. This is so important for our future Evolved Souls who are impatiently waiting to reincarnate, egging us on to create safe sacred space for their delivery.

I remember being pregnant. Each one was similar and unique. I LOVED being pregnant. I surrendered my body to have my babies. When I decided we were going to have children within 3 months I was pregnant each time. I spoke lovingly welcoming the Soul inside me to our family. It never once crossed my mind that there would be anything “wrong” with my kids. I saw each one being born without the aid of anyone else. I was dedicated to do what I instinctively knew to create a healthy, blissful natural birth which is exactly what occurred. I worked with each of my babies through the pains of labour and together we focused on being held together physically. While I was pregnant I used my imagination and saw them healthy and full of life. I could hear their laughter. I could see me watching over them making sure they were safe. I saw them taking risks and being proud of their achievements.

When Chris was just 4 years old, Emily was 18 months, John died of esophageal cancer. A few months after, the three of us moved back to Ireland to look after my father who was elderly and needed help. Chris started school and within a couple of months I was called in to be told there was “something not right” with Chris. He went on to be diagnosed with Asperger’s, ADHD and Dyslexia. Honestly, hand on my heart, I could not see what everyone else saw. Therefore, I did not believe what the “experts” said. To cut a long story short, we, Chris & I, fought for him to stay in mainstream school.

Today he is a caring, kind, generous, funny, open minded handsome teenager who inspires me every day. I have learnt so much from him and it is because of who he is I am the conscious Mama I am today. He opened the world of diversity to me. I accepted it with love. Chris is at college training as a Personal Sports Coach. In his spare time, he has taught himself about the Financial World and Investing your money in Stocks & Shares. He is writing a short story plus a Novel.

Each of the Souls who chose me to reincarnate through me have taught me so much and continue to do so. When we all meet, we have lots of hugs, laughter, linking arms, jesting each other, healthy nourishing food around a large table, reminiscing fun times, loving and embracing each moment we have together.

Two years ago I became a Grandma to my grandson Leo. The next generation is here. I want to help create a fun-loving, free, blissful, authentic world where Leo will learn how unique and wonderful he is, that he is perfect exactly the way he is and to embrace learning about himself and maintaining the God Essence within him.

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