Midweek Wednesday

Wednesday is midweek and ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is connected with communications and connections on all levels.

On Wednesday, it is a great day to check in with your Loved Ones and see how their week is going. Making plans to meet or call each other.

From a business perspective this is the best day of the week to plan, schedule and allow new ideas to be received. I highly recommend if you do not meditate you chose Wednesday to give yourself permission to contemplate, take time out, to allow all your inspirations, thoughts and ideas to be received. Write them down. These are the seeds you will nuture over the next days, weeks, months.

Spend some time catching up on correspondence, especially any that you have been putting off. Catching up on emails, completing bank transactions and financial actions, creating a list of possible contacts you want to connect with.

Wednesday is the best day of the week to give yourself permission to connect with your Soul Baby. Using Mercury’s vibration to connect with your Soul Baby creates a potent communication and connection energy which is not available any other day of the week. Your Soul Baby will be using this vortex to contact you. Give yourself the time to slow down, make yourself comfortable, contemplate, open your mind and your heart. Surrender and allow your Soul to guide you without expectations, visualisations. Simply BE. Have pen and paper to hand so you may feel the need to write after your experience.

Have a miraculous Wednesday. I hope you find this helpful. Infinite Angel Blessings Lorraine, The Soul Baby Whisperer


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