Master Your Energy

Energy Health is as important as Physical Health and yet we are not taught about this in school, college, at home anywhere. Energy Health is not mentioned until we ignite our Spiritual path. Even then it is taken for granted and not used as a daily practise.

You are soverign over your energy field. On ALL dimensions. Our energy is always expanding and therefore this will be an ever changing and expanding learning. It is important to get the fundamental learning and allow it to grow with you.

What is Energy Management?

Here are just a few of the benefits you will gain when you have a Daily Energy Health Practise in place. There is much more as we explore our Energy Being which is unique to each one of us. How amazing are we?

  1. It is learning and becoming more aware of who you truly are.
  2. It builds security and safety here and when connecting to Spirit.
  3. We surrender with Truth when we connect to the aspects we cannot see.
  4. You master what you understand.
  5. Manage your energy, you manage your flow of health on all levels.
  6. Understand your own energy, we are all unique.
  7. Understand your own sensitivities, vulnerabilities, triggers.
  8. Energy Management supports your life skills.
  9. Get to understand you are a Light Being living as frequency & vibration.
  10. Frequency & vibration speak to each from everywhere, eg. Your space, objects, thoughts.
  11. We are in many dimensions at the same time.
  12. We have all our subtle bodies, mental, physical, spiritual, and all talk and are connected to each other – your thought creates an emotion which creates a block/dis-ease in your physical body.
  13. Put good boundaries in place it allows you to reach your greatest potential.
  14. This helps you to feel safe to do the things you want to do, builds your connection with Spirit
  15. As well as our Chakra System there are our subtle bodies, mental, emotional, physical & Spiritual.

I am creating an Master Energy Class. If you are interested please connect with me. I would love to receive your questions to be able to answer them during our time together.

I desire this learning is added to the worldwide edcuation systems. We are energetic beings having a human experience and yet, so many of us do not realise or understand what this means. It is time we included the biggest part of us into our reality to create freedom and live our life purpose.

I believe our life purpose is to stay connected to the Universal Well-Being Vortex every moment of every day. No matter what is playing out around us, we chose through our Free-Will, to react or respond. Energy Management Techniques will enhance your chances to stay connected to the Universal Well-Being Vortex, feeding this with your Light and allowing the Law of Attraction to answer your vibrations of Well-Being. It is the law, like attracts like!! Come and join me to become Master of Your Energy Field.

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