The Prepmester of Pregnancy

Your partner and yourself are talking about having a baby. As you are talking and planning, you are both being inspired by the Soul Baby who is choosing you both to be their Mama and Papa. As soon as you tell each other, Yes, we want to Conceive, from that moment on you are parents to your Soul Baby.

The next step, and I believe this has been missing for many centuries is the Preperation-mester. Do you think Mother Mary, after she received the message from Arachangel Gabriel, she would be with child, that it happend immediately? No, Mary had a lot to prepare and the most important factor, her love for herself, surrendering to be the chosen Mama-in-waiting, trusting in Divine Timing and having the Belief and Faith things were always working out for her.

Preparing to have a baby rather than just expecting it to happen is a huge conscious change in mindset. You start to embrace and embody your True Self. You give gratitude to your Reproductive Virtues, you get to clear, cleanse and bless your womb and birth canal, similar to when you move into a new house. You clean it and put your furniture, your crystals, your essence into making it a home. Your body is your Soul Baby’s home for her/his gestation. Preparing it gives you time to surrender to become a Mama-to-be.

If this is resonating with you please connect with me. We have so much to talk about. There is so much more you can do in order to create your Soul Baby. You are the pro-creation of our planet as a Mama-in-Waiting. I am excited to meet you. You are a chosen one just like Mother Mary.

Angel Blessings Lorraine, The Soul Baby Whisperer

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