The Fertility Hub Online Retreat Goes Live Tomorrow Sunday 6/9/2020

Hi Mamas-in-waiting, Papas-in-waiting, Parents-in-waiting, I have loved putting together The Fertility Hub Online Retreat. I want all participants to know I see you, I hear you, I feel you.

We, the Speakers and I are so excited to get to have a Bonus Connection with you all, tomorrow Sunday, 9am Central, 7am Pacific, 3pm BST for our FB Live Q&A. If you have not already joined our FB Group here is the link: and when you get there please share your experience of The Fertility Hub Online Retreat, any questions and AHA moments you received during this Event.

Please share with your loved ones, family and friends who may benefit from our Live Q&A Session tomorrow Sunday.

It is also the last few hours before you can get Lifetime Access for $97, (£73).

I have put together a very special Package The Fertility Hub Package which includes my Energise Your Mama-in-waiting 6 week Program, normal investment $1,475. (£1,111) plus a 1:1 Mentoring Call for 90 minutes with me, Lorraine The Soul Baby Whisperer, normal investment $664, (£500) along with many extras at a very special investment to you of U$700, (£527). Do not miss out on these deals. They are a once off. Only available through The Fertility Hub Online Retreat.

Have a miraculous day and see you all Live tomorrow.

Angel Blessings

Lorraine, The Soul Baby Whisperer.

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