The Conscious Baby Ezine

I have just come across this amazing on-line magazine which I felt drawn to share with you. I have added a new menu on our Home Page Useful Links where you will find the link too.

There is so much information on this site about being a Conscious Parent. Here is the link to the magazine. ‘

Having access to a lot of information may get overwhelming at times. Ensure you are trusting your “gut” instinct to know this is exactly what you need to be focused on right now. You are choosing to do what you are doing at any moment. You stay focused to complete before moving on to something else.

We often get into the space of doing and at the same time we are thinking about what is the next thing I “need” to do. We do not give all of our senses to the moment. I find when I am researching and gathering information I want to know it yesterday. I have to remind myself, this is exactly what I am choosing to do right now and I am Enough. By choosing and feeling fully aligned with my choice it allows me to live in the moment. It allows me to feel Joy. It allows me to feel Peace. It gets me to express my Happy Self. Our aim in life is to express our Happy Self every moment of every day. Why? Because Life is NOW!!

So, take the time and acknowledge you to be fully present as you absorb and enjoy all the wonderful information from The Conscious Baby Ezine.

Angel Blessings

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