This weekend is a Full Moon in Capricorn and Full Sun in the Solstice. Capricorn is all about being a Leader in the old paradigm, do it my way only, very masculine vibration. What is needed now is a new paradigm of powerful, healthy, connection Leadership. I know we are all feeling this as Empaths.

Do not be surprised if you have created around you situations that are bringing up for you anger, frustration, heartache, shame, humiliation and more. You are not alone. All these shadows, these emotions are coming up to be cleared from your space and reality. Ensure they do not return by surrendering to them and allowing Love, Peace and Joy in.

At the moment, I am letting go of self-righteousness. This has been showing up from me in my family as well as in some communities I have been hanging onto. It is time now to move on and see the lesson I need to learn. Letting go without judgement, nor trying to make excuses why I need to let go for now these people, is the lesson I am accepting and creating. I surrender to love and allow them slip out of my life as I go forward to create my future of Love, Joy and Peace.

I have let go of the stories I created in my head making me out to be in the right and they are “wrong” in their beliefs, thinking and philosophy. I feel with compassion and love, they are exactly where they need to be for them and I surrender to allowing them to be where they are on their journey. I listen with an open heart and mind. I allow them to speak and take the actions they need to take for themselves right now without judgement. No fear, longing, frustration or anger or any other emotion is felt within me. I am at peace with them and myself. I am neutral. This has allowed me to radiate out Love.

The people I have found the hardest to let go of is of course, family. For the first time I have let them know how I felt. I came from my heart and I was vulnerable. I told them these are the emotions I am feeling and you are my teacher helping me to let them go. I took the responsibility for it was me who chose to feel these emotions. Emotions are optional. My righteousness, me wanting to see only my side of the situation and only “my way” has split the family. This has been a huge shift for me. Even as I write this to you I am feeling inner peace and love. A warmth of healing fills my whole being. Our family is still broken. Now, I visualise us all sitting around a table filled with nourishment, laughter and love. I have opened the space to allow this miracle in. I have taken all the steps for now that I can take. Now it is time to forgive and love myself. I will listen to my intuition if any further steps need to be taken. I Trust. Believe and have Faith.

I tell you this to help you see what it means to take responsibility, be honest with yourself, let go of self-righteousness and give the Divine the time to create miracles. Often we feel only our emotions and do not allow others to be who they need to be at that time. Emotions get in the way. No matter what the circumstance is, going in without expecting an outcome, or wanting the other person to change, is you coming from a neutral place. This allows you to see the bigger picture and take loving action rather than a reaction.

What has been occurring in your life? Can you acknowledge your emotions, put them to the side and allow yourself the time to see the other point of view. Accept responsibility, take any necessary loving action, then forgive and love yourself to radiate this love out to co-create miracles. This is a process. This is all about the masculine and feminine vibrations coming into balance. This is why this weekend is important that we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable and powerful. We embrace the new paradigm of collaboration rather than self-righteousness.

I would love to hear back from you if this has resonated or not. Have a wonderful Full Moon. Do a Full Moon Ceremony to celebrate the balance of the new way of Being. Journal under the full moon. Light a candle and give gratitude for your new awakening. Meditate your new Vision out to the moon, planting the seeds of miracles not only for yourself but for the world. I will be joining you all and I FEEL together, we are powerful, joyful and filled with collaboration and love.

If anyone knows a Mama-in-waiting, please reach out to her and give her my details to connect with me. Here is a link for them to BOOK YOUR VISION CALL Please share to help her to create a Vision call that could change her life and that of her family. Thank you.

Angel Blessings and Happy Full Moon


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