Create a Safe Sacred Space to Welcome Your Soul Baby

We can take for granted what we have and this is especially true for our homes. We are not inclined to acknowledge that our home reflects who we are and how we are feeling at any moment.

Here are some actions you can take to clear and enhance your home environment, making it more welcoming for your Soul Baby.

Choose a drawer every day to declutter. Holding on to objects that are not being used are not loved and therefore it is “stuck” energy. Have three black bags, one for things to give to Charity, one for rubbish and the third for the things you want to give to family or friends.

Clean and dust in high corners of your home. One to pay particular attention to is when you come in your front door, the corner to the right, ensure this is free from dust and cobwebs. If possible place an Angel picture or statue to protect everyone in the home and to create a veil of protection as your Angel stands watch over who wants to enter your space and home.

Diffuse your favourite Essential Oils around the home. Ensure they are pure and good quality oils. Cheaper Essential Oils are full of fillers and chemicals. I use doTERRA Essential Oils for everything, as my medicine cabinet, for my cleaning products, as well as diffusing. I also use them for my personal hygiene, face cleanser and moisturiser, tooth paste and so on.

Chemicals are low vibration. Checking your cleaning products, what you put on your body and skin, your toothpaste and see what they are made up of. I will post be creating another blog on this subject soon. For now simply start to become aware of what you are using on yourself and spraying into the air around your home.

Cleanse your space to raise the vibration whenever you feel called to. Use your intuition. It is very easy to raise the vibration and here are some simple steps you can use:

When you are dusting and cleaning visualise a Fairy following beside you and she is sprinkling Fairy Dust making your surfaces sparkle and shine. Working with the space in this way really works and your family and friends will suddenly be asking you “What is different here?”

A simple trick too is to clap your hands, going around in circles, clap into corners and around objects to shift the energy. It is quick and very affective.

Play loud and upbeat music. Ensure the lyrics are happy ones. Dance to your favourite music waving your arms around to clear your own energy field as well as the space you are dancing in.

I would love to know when you try these simple techniques how they work for you. Please leave your comments. Enjoy housework now and do it with a big smile on your face. Giving gratitude for everything you have while you dust and clean will automatically make you feel better, raising your vibration which will radiate out to your safe happy space.  

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