Why Do You Want A Baby?

Have you ever thought about this question and meditated on it?

What are your thoughts and feelings as you answer this life changing question?

The True answer is very short and sweet yet many of us look outside ourselves to justify why we want a baby. This life is all about keeping things simple. This is the same for having a baby.

When you decide to have a baby, the expectation is that this will happen in a short space of time, months rather than years. There is a good reason why you co-create all of your experiences. The only way a human learns is through experiences and as we live in a world of polarities, these are not always positive.

Being able to answer the question “Why do I want a baby?” is vital to begin creating the safe sacred space to bring forth the miracle of conception, so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the Mama you’re destined to be.

I believe in you. I believe your Goddess Self is wanting and patiently waiting for you to co-create with her. Do you?

Angel Blessings Lorraine

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