Covid 19 & Getting Ready to Conceive

Many people are saying, jokingly, there will be so many Covid 19 babies, and for some there will be. For others who are relying on Fertility Treatments, they are going through the torture of being put on pause. Most Fertility Clinics are closed. It is certainly the case here in the UK.

I am here to tell you, there is another way. A natural powerful way which allows you to learn a lot about how Powerful you are as a Mama-in-waiting.

I Loved when I was pregnant.

During this time of Covid 19, what is happening? Mother Earth has been given a real lifeline. She has been cleansed and cleared and I believe this is to help welcome in the high vibe babes who are choosing to reincarnate.

I am reliably informed there is to be an influx of babies with Angels in their Soul. There are Ascended Masters who are also choosing to return. These Souls will be way-showers to help mankind complete initiations to live a long life of peace and joy.

Angel Blessings Lorraine

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