I help Mamas-in-waiting get pregnant naturally. I work with you and your spirit baby to create a sacred, safe space to open your heart and your womb. Together, we bring forth the miracle of conception, so you can experience a healthy, blissful and natural pregnancy to be the Conscious Mama you’re destined to be.

As a Mama-in-waiting, Papa-in-waiting, Parent-in-waiting, do you realise you are the chosen one? Your Soul Baby is choosing you to reincarnate through AND trusts you to support and guide them on their life journey here on Earth. At this time of huge change, this is truly a Gift. By realising how powerful you truly are, you are the Life Force for this planet, this opens you to co-create with the Divine, the Universe. This allows you to give a clear message to your Soul Baby.

The moment you decide you want to have a baby, that is the moment you become a parent. LORRAINE, THE SOUL BABY WHISPERER.

I am a Mama of 4 healthy, blissful, natural kids.

I have been married twice. I have been naturally pregnant 4 times and have had 4 natural births. My last child was a home birth, not planned in this physical world but my Goddess self had other plans and I feel so blessed to have had that experience.

I have been divorced, remarried and widowed. I have moved country 3 times with my youngest two, bought our home after John died. Sold it recently in order to make The Soul Baby Whisperer my Soul Blueprint business. My Soul Destiny is to help and serve in the pro-creation of future generations. I received confirmation through my Soul Blueprint Awakening.

My Divine Gifts!!

Usui & Angelic Reiki

In 2012, I started Usui Reiki 1. This changed my life forever as my Psychic abilities came on board quickly and immediately. Two years later I was offered a great deal from my Angelic Reiki Master to attune to Angelic Reiki. I have not looked back since. Both modalities are powerful and I allow my Angels & Guides to chose which vibration each client needs during their session.

Angles Card Reading

Very shortly after I found Reiki, I applied to attend a MBS Fayre in the village where I lived. I thought I was going as a Reiki Therapist but ended up in the section where the Card Readers were. Luckily I had brought my Angels Cards with me and I made had my first 3 paid Readings on that magical day. I was blessed to sit beside a wonderful card reader who is still a great friend today.

Soul Blueprint Awakening

I have been working on my own Soul Blueprint for over a year now and each time I study and look at it I learn something new.

I am a Certified Oracle for the Soul Blueprint Numerology System. It is my dream and wish this system will make it into the Education System to help our Teenagers to know who they truly are. You get to learn about your Talents you brought in with you. The Goals you are here to achieve from your Soul’s perspective and the challenges you are here to transmute into a positive.

What People Say

Words cannot really express the levels of expansiveness, clarity and joy I have experienced moving through the six week ‘Energise Your Mama-in-waiting’ course. It has been life changing on every single level! A huge thank you to beautiful Lorraine for offering this work – it is so vital at this time.
First of all embarking on my soul blueprint was in itself a glorious confirmation of how much of my life experiences, challenges and desires were guided by my unique soul blueprint. It was astounding and Lorraine explains it so exquisitely.
It also provided a fine tuning of areas in my life that were functioning negatively. It feels as if I have been given a map of my path here on Earth and with this knowledge I can choose what I attract into my life and how I choose to receive it. It was a wholly empowering experience I recommend for all!
Lorraine is quite simply, an angel. Her positivity and light shines into your sessions, gently but directly guiding you in a way that leads you to your truth and helps you to move through so much!
I had many blocks to motherhood, built up through years of doubts with old stories, stuck energy and programs I was running. Lorraine helped me to find the clarity; the lens; to really see them and make a different choice.
Connecting to my spirit animal and soul baby was also one of the most deeply profound and beautiful gifts I have ever received. Still when I watch the recording back to connect to spirit in this way, I cry such tears of joy.
I feel now at the end of this course, I am fully aware of the blocks I had subconsciously placed between myself and motherhood. Thank you Lorraine!
Now I feel open, clear, grounded and 100% connected to invite a soul baby to join my partner and I in our next journey together into parenthood. I thoroughly with all my heart recommend this course with Lorraine it was incredible… and she is incredible!!

“When a woman struggles to get pregnant or has had miscarriages like I have then just knowing you can help her is all she needs to know. What you bring Lorraine is that it’s totally possible, you reconnect ladies to the magic their capable of and because you believe so firmly they have permission to believe. You provide companionship on a journey that’s often quite lonely as rarely do we talk about our bodies with someone in the way you do. Polly”

Connecting with Lorraine has been such a true blessing. Her energy is pure and powerful, and she leads with the most gracious of intentions. She has provided me with a terrific roadmap to tap into my own spiritual journey that is both practical and inspirational. Working with Lorraine feels like I have shifted into a new phase of soul development and I am grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

Stephanie from USA.


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